Monday, November 30, 2009

Paris hilton nude. Superior!

Paris hilton nude...

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Celebrity Who would you choose? Ok so heres a little game d ' an entry with everything you do is fill in the blanks with names CELB (my Anwers are below with the issue to ignore when the ' registration your own) oh and you can repeat a celeb once. 1. Most charitable Young Adult Hilary Duff 2. Most Scariest Jocelyn Wildenstein (aka Cat Women) 3. Why is he / she even a celeb Paris Hilton 4. 3 people to spend a day with (dead or alive)-Walt Disney - Princess Diana - Matthew Broderick 5. Cutest Girl Isla Fisher 6. Cutest Guy Zac Efron 7. Hottest Girl Jessica Alba 8. Hottest Guy Ryan Reynolds 9. Annoying Twit Miley Cyrus 10. Want To Punch in the Face Kristen Stewart 11. Prettiest Disney Channel Star (this) Selena Gomez 12. Mr. Think-Im-All-Joe Jonas 13. Cutest Girl Under 15 Maddison Pettis 14. Hottest Teen Guy Justin Bieber 15 M allows me to pose nude for the attention of ' Vanessa Hudgens 16. Queen Of Evil Janice Dickinson 17. ' What happened? Marykate Olsen 18. Role Model Hilary Duff
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